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Are you wanting some quick cash for your property in Preston?

Then we are the company for you!  Professional, supportive and trust-worthy, we aim to give you the best services and offer the best value for your property.  We cater for most property types in the beautiful city of Preston, from the first floor flats, to five-bedroom, detached houses.

What are the benefits of selling your property to us?

The benefits of selling your property to us are endless.  The first and most important benefit is that we look to give you the best offer for your property.  We generally offer 70% of the market value.  (The market value is not necessarily the amount valued by an estate agent).

Secondly, we are a local company and have extensive knowledge of all areas of Preston, within the hub of the city centre, to the more rural areas surrounding it.  We know and understand the market values of each area and make fair offers based on these values.

What's the difference between selling through an estate agent and selling for a cash lump sum?

Selling a property is very stressful!  There are so many different factors involved for it to be completed successfully.  Selling through an estate agent relies on the estate agent displaying your property favourably, relies on the right people viewing it, offers being thrown about and accepted, solicitors gathering all the paperwork and then hoping there isn’t a chain.  Selling a property to us,  simply involves a quick valuation, followed swiftly by an offer, hopefully an acceptance, solicitors drawing up the paperwork and everything being signed.

Selling your property could not be made any easier, than with Croft Property Holdings.  Respectful from the start, we do not push you into any decisions and give you time to consider all your options.    We even let you determine  your own moving out date!  There are no fees to pay, we take care of the survey and the legal costs and leave you with the one decision to make of where next?

Benefits of Croft Property Holdings

Cash sale within 7 days

A cash sale with us is usually confirmed and completed in 7 – 28 days. All documentation and appointments are organised and arranged by us and we keep you up-to-date with the progress of the sale.

We pay your legal fees

You can avoid all of the legal costs involved in property selling as we cover everything!

No estate agent fees

Because we buy your house directly there are no estate agent fees to pay saving you £££

Preston/Chorley/Leyland, in any condition

Regardless of the condition of your home we will make you an offer

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