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Is a quick cash sale in Chorley right up your street?

Then don’t hesitate to contact us!  We are just the people to make it happen.  Friendly and approachable, professional property purchasers, we guarantee a top class service.  Our experience and knowledge of buying various different types of properties, has meant that the offers we make are fair and completely justified.  Simply give us a call and we could be round the next day valuing your property.

Why should you sell your property to us?

Our two main objectives when purchasing a property are to give a good offer and to make the process as pleasant and hassle-free as possible.  Many people choose to sell their house for a cash sum because it is quick and simple and has seemed the best solution for many different scenarios.  Selling your property to us will not only give you fast money in your pocket, but will also enable you to move forward with your future plans swiftly, as we have the whole process signed and sealed within 28 days.

Being a local firm, we have extensive knowledge of the beautiful town of Chorley and the values of all property types in all areas of Chorley and around it.  Our expertise guarantees you a fair offer for your property and the professionalism to buy it through the proper channels.

How do we differ to an estate agent?

Selling your property through an estate agent can present the opportunity to get more money for your property, than selling it to us.  An estate agent will value your property usually slightly above the market value, as there is an expectation for lower offers to be put in.  However, when selling through an estate agent, you have survey fees to pay for, legal fees to pay out for and constant interference of viewers coming round. 

Selling your property to us involves valuing your property (usually at 70% of the market value), carrying out a survey free of charge, consulting with solicitors to complete the sale free of charge and leaving you with the decision of when would be a suitable time for you to vacate the property.  The process is dealt with speedily and with regular updates from ourselves.

Benefits of Croft Property Holdings

Cash sale within 7 days

A cash sale with us is usually confirmed and completed in 7 – 28 days. All documentation and appointments are organised and arranged by us and we keep you up-to-date with the progress of the sale.

We pay your legal fees

You can avoid all of the legal costs involved in property selling as we cover everything!

No estate agent fees

Because we buy your house directly there are no estate agent fees to pay saving you £££

Preston/Leyland/Chorley, in any condition

Regardless of the condition of your home we will make you an offer

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