Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the whole process take to complete?

The length of process takes different lengths of time depending on the type of property and the legalities involved.  However, the process usually takes no longer than 28 days from the initial consultation, to the exchanging of contracts.

Will I need to get in contact with a solicitor?

Selling your property to us, means no stress whatsoever.  We organise and correspond with a solicitor who checks the legal documents connected to the house and draws up the contracts for us and yourself to sign.

What fees and costings will I have to pay?

You will not have to pay a penny for any survey fees, legal costs or service fees.  At the end of the process we pay you for your property!

When will I receive the money?

On completion of the sale, we will direct the solicitors to release the money to you.

When the offer has been made, do I have to accept it right away, or can I think about it?

You are obligated to agree to anything.  You can take as long as you like.  However, in the event of many, many weeks rolling by and you are considering the offer, we would have to start the process again as the market value and condition of the property may have changed.

What if I have already started dealing with an estate agent, could I still sell my property to you?

We would love to have the opportunity to buy your property however, the estate agent may have tied you to an agreement that binds you to them.  The best solution would be to seek information and advice from an advice centre, such as the Citizen Advice Bureau, and check if you are bound legally.

I am concerned that my property is not in good enough condition. Would you still be interested in purchasing it?

We are not put off by the condition of any properties however, the value we offer may reflect slightly the condition of the property.

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